My world turned upside down at the young age of 8, that's when my eyesight started to go. I was diagnosed with Stargardt's. At that age I really didn't know exactly what that meant but I could tell by my parent's face that it was very serious and that made me scared.

I try to remember what the simple things in life look like such as the sky, grass, trees, or flowers look like, or wonder what my mom, dad, brother's, or my sister's look like.

I became a single father on 05/14/15 and I would give anything to see his face and see him learning new things like everyone else does! I feel like I'm missing out as he is growing up.

My passion has always been to work on small engine but with my eyesight it's impossible, with the eSight glasses I think of all of the things that I could do again and all of the wonderful things I could do and teach my son!

I would be very grateful and humble if you could help with any donation you can, so I can fulfill my dreams and share them with my son and family.

Thank You,

Andrew Dittel

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